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Kingsure Bio-tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd


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▲ Our History

Kingsure Bio-Tech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was established in 2016, we are comprehensive trading company in pharmaceutical, food, beverage and packaging field for consulting engineering design, sales of manufacturing process equipment, technology and recipe transfer.

We are based on business cooperation with local distributors in America, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Egypt and Bangladesh for giving convenient services effectively and rapidly.

▲ Our Product

Pharmaceutical Industry

A.Liquid Filling and Lyophilization

1.Clean room panel, door, windows and etc.

2.HVAC Ventilation system.

3.Refrigeration system

4.Water treatment system(Purified Water Generator, WFI Machine, Pure Steam Generator).

5.Solution Preparation Tank, Storage Tank, Processing Tank, CIP washing Station.

6.Lab bioreactor, Animal Cell Culture bioreactor, Virus Culture Bioreactor, Bacteria Culture Bioreactor, Large Probiotic Fermentor

7.Vial washing machine, sterilization tunnel, vial filling and stoppering machine, capping machine, Ampoule filling machine, sterilization tunnel, vial filling and sealing machine,

8.Lab Lyophilizer, pilot lyophilizer, production lyophilizer, freeze dryer, vacuum dryer and automatic loading and unloading machine

9.GMP washer, autoclave, steam sterilizer, dry heater sterilizer, water shower sterilizer, air steam mixture sterilizer, rubber stopper sterilizer, aluminum sterilizer, Garment washer.

10.Mist shower and fogging room

11.Containment system, IPQC isolator, Positive pressure isolator, negative pressure isolator.

B.Solid Dose Equipment

1.Airtight Solid Granulation Line (high shear wet granulator + fluid bed dryer + Lifting dry mill.

2.High shear wet type granulator

3.Wet type granulator

4.Lab wet type granulator

5.Fluid bed dryer

6.Fluid bed granulator

7.Lifting turnover dry mill

8.Lifting vacuum dry mill

9.Movable Lifting machine

10.Roller compactor

11.Blender, IBC Bin, Blender Bin.

12.Spray dryer

13.Blender Bin washing machine

14.Capsule filling machine

15.Tablet pressing machine

16.Coating machine

▲ Packaging Application

1.Ampoule/Vial vision Inspection Machine

2.Capsule/Tablet Inspection machine

3.Capsules counting machine

4.Tablets counting machine

5.Labeling machine (Ampoule labeling machine, vial labeling machine,

6.Ampoule blister packing machine, vial blister packing machine, cartoning machine.

7.Stainless steel parts for clean room and pharmaceutical field.

▲ Beverage Application

1.Storage Tank

2.Conveyor and elevator

3.Processing equipments

4.Sterilizing equipments

5.Concentrating equipments

6.CIP cleaning Unit

7.Fruit processing projects

8.Milk silo, single layer tank, insulation tank, jacket tank

9.Fermentation tank, extraction tank

10.Dissolving tanks, emulsification tank, mixing tank

11.Conveyor(belt conveyor, clapboard conveyor, screw conveyor, chain conveyor)

12.Washing machine(bubble washing machine, brush washing machine, rolling drum washing machine)

13.Sorting machine

14.Crushing and pulping machine(crusher‐hammer type, pulping machine‐single stage and double stage)

15.Destoner, fruit stone washer

16.Pre‐cooking machine, belt squeezer(spiral pre‐cooking machine, belt squeezer)

17.System device(plate type heating union, tubular type heating union, plate heat exchanger, tubular heat exchanger)

18.Sterilizing machine(plate type sterilizer)(tubular type sterilizer, tube‐in‐tube type sterilizer)

19.System device(full‐auto degasser, spraying sterilizing and cooling tunnel)

20.Evaporating and concentrating system

21.CIP cleaning system(coil pipe type, plate type, tubular type)

22.Dairy and beverage project

23.Vegetable milk and grain milk project

24.Extracting beverage project

25.Orange, lemon, grapefruit processing line

26.Apple/pear processing lines

27.Peach/Apricot/Plum processing line

28.Fruit processing line (sea buckthorn, date, Malus micromalus, etc)

29.Tropical fruit processing line(mango, pineapple, Dragon fruit, coconut, etc)

30.Whipped topping system project

31.Smart MES control system project

▲ Product Application

Pharmaceutical application

Packaging application

Beverage application

▲ Our Certificate

As a professional trading company, we are always working with high quality supplier which means the high value shall be delivered to our customers in all over the world to help them to create better product to next stage, routinely auditing and checking the ISO 9001 quality management system, related certificates, manufacturing standards and progress of projects in order to making smooth movement from URS to SAT.

High valued and patent technologies shall be delivered to satisfy the requirements from customers.

▲ Production Equipment

Our suppliers own professional tools and precision machinery as first important step to make reliable equipments and steady performance, for instance, Auto cutting machine, Auto welding machine, Auto milling machine, Auto bending, auto polishing, CNC with 3/4/5 axis machines shall be applied for suitable manufacturing parts and process.

▲ Production Market

In the past of years, we have successfully sold thousands kinds of equipments to different countries in pharmaceutical field, beverage field, and packaging field, utilizing local offices and own resources for maintaining local customers in operation, maintenance and validation.

▲ Our Service

We are based on business cooperation with local distributors in America, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Egypt and Bangladesh for giving convenient services effectively and rapidly.

Before Sales:

Understanding of URS and manufacturing process from customer in order to propose sufficient project.

Project Execution:

Execution of project with engineering team to ensure progress and quality of project management will be performed correctly.

After Sales:

Workable plan with proper arrangement is the core part to guarantee all the preparations shall be well executed from installation to verification and final acceptance by customer.

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Registered Capital: Not filled Year of Registration: 2002
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